Mr Model

Mr Model first scale model

My First Scale Model

I am “Mr Model”

I’ve played volleyball with Jim Henson. And I’ve built scale models for Jim Henson. the Muppets, and many others. I’ve watched as my miniatures were blown up as special effects. And displayed in beautiful exhibits that have traveled the world ~ all to celebrate the wonder of movies.

I have met movie stars, and the people behind the stars who make it all work. From film makers to acoustic designers to lighting directors to makeup artists to those ever necessary ‘go-fers’. But, especially, us model builders. The ones who “make the magic”.

As Jim Henson continued to play volleyball his voice became excited. More and more he sounded like Kermit the Frog. Standing in front of Jim Henson, facing the net, it was Kermit coaching us for the win.

“Mr Model”  :  My Scale Model Portfolio


My ex-boss, and Jim Henson

My ex-boss, and Jim Henson

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